Andrew Latham
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Converting a chest freezer to a refrigerator and why you should do it to.

Low quality five minute write up. Cold air falls and hot air rises. Unless your upright refidgerator is packed 100% full you cool air is falling out every time you open it. In a video by Mikey Sklar ( ) some metrics like 2000watts vs 100watts for a upright refridgerator vs a chest freezer is crazy but close to the truth. A run of the mill chest freezer can be controlled by a temperature controller to turn the freezer on and off to maintain a temperature you desire.

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Stuff I used:


So I got frustrated with the enclosures and spent the money on the Bud which is just the right size. I traced and drew the cutouts on the box. Using my drill press and a small drill bit I dotted the lines. I then used some snips to cut out the holes. A woodworking rasp and metal file were used to get to the final shape. I put everything in and found some 14ga wire for the loaded wires and some 18ga to power the STC-1000. It works and now I need to go get a chest freezer. Note: Auto defrost is not needed if you are using as a fridge. The auto defrost is very helpful if you want to freeze. You can always alter this with the heating side of the STC-1000 to do some other tasks like brewing, heating your office or tiny house (up to 10amp) or some other random temperature dependant task.