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I am Andrew "lathama" Latham and also go by the name "Gringo Malvado" in some areas of the world.

I am Andrew "lathama" Latham and also go by the name "Gringo Malv

ado" in some areas of the world.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, oops. Hey there... is a website for technical topics used in systems administration and networking. Some of the articles here are my rough notes, others are things I researched at one time or another. All content is mine and originally created by me. I hold copyright on the contents of this website simply for the purpose protecting me from people who break their systems with my hacks. Feel free to play but do test your production systems before you point fingers at others. If you have any comments about an article or the site in general please contact the webmaster-at-lathama-net with the page URL and issue.

Written by Andrew Latham on Tuesday July 15, 2014
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