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Converting a chest freezer to a refrigerator and why you should do it to.

Low quality five minute write up.

Cold air falls and hot air rises. Unless your upright refidgerator is packed 100% full you cool air is falling out every time you open it. In a video by Mikey Sklar ( ) some metrics like 2000watts vs 100watts for a upright refridgerator vs a chest freezer is crazy but close to the truth. A run of the mill chest freezer can be controlled by a temperature controller to turn the freezer on and off to maintain a temperature you desire.

Written by Andrew Latham on Wednesday June 3, 2015
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Wood Gas

To stay warm, look to the colder areas of the world for help.

Written by Andrew Latham on Tuesday March 24, 2015
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Web Comics

Some links to online required reading... 

Written by Andrew Latham on Tuesday March 17, 2015
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