Andrew Latham aka lathama, gringo malvado


I am Andrew "lathama" Latham and also go by the name "Gringo Malvado" in some areas of the world.

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Supermicro IPMI Firmware Backup and Upgrade

It needs done, there are tools to get it done, lets see how. Supermicro makes a wide array of servers, server motherboards and even some consumer and embeded systems. Most have an IPMI with BMC onboard to allow rem…

Wood Gas

To stay warm, look to the colder areas of the world for help. Wood gas generators and heaters comprise some amazing technology in the creation of warmth and energy in residential and comercial buildings.   …

High Level Systems Architecture

Borrowing from I shall attempt to narrow the scope of a given architecture to a higher level view. Systems Architecture Planning, designing, and constru…

Odoo - OpenERP, TinyERP, Tiny

From contributor to user of some great software.  If you ever want to install and play with Odoo just follow the destructions at

Hobby Wood Working

Just a hobby I enjoy tangibal activities after a day of the virutual work that I do. Software development, systems management and architecture don't give a great amount of clousure on day to day work. Gluing, screwin…